An Adoration of Alliteration

February 24, 2018
By Anonymous

I sat there.
Legs crossed.
Eyes glared.
Hands fidgeting with the jewels on my wrist.

Defensively speaking, determined to decipher my decision. 
Resolving any riddles to reveal what you see as ridiculous.

You see I’ve sat here before,
In front of a lover,
Bargaining over ultimatums,
And the significance of trust. 

Sobbing over a soul whose sadness never let him stay.
Moving through mountains of madness made from his mistakes.

It wasn't his fault,
He seemed to forget how to love,
And it was never mine,
Because loving was something I’d never done.

Timing as terrible as terrible's been told.
Find me when fighting is feasible for our foreboding souls.

You ask me why I stayed,
And I realize you don't understand,
I fell into an obsession,
A captivatingly beautiful rhythm.

Passed through every portent that proved his poverty piece by piece.
Lust and Love lashing between liquid lines leaving me lost in the end.

You tell me what I already know,
You paint out the turbulence I’ve already seen,
RIpping open the old scars,
That took much too long to heal.

He was a heaven and hell hybrid, healing and harming hazardously.
Can you not contemplate how captivating that can be?

I stood up.
Legs weak.
Eyes red.
Hands hovering over the still tender skin.

The author's comments:

I sat down with my friend praising a person who had torn my mental state to shreds and collected each piece like he was finding 20 dollar bills on the sidewalk. He asked why and how I could love and respect someone who seemed to do nothing for me. My response was "You won't understand unless you've been in that kind of a relationship with someone."

This is what I wanted to explain to him. I think this piece can be interpreted as many things and you can think of my experience as you wish. I think those who were involved or are currently involved in a similar relationship will hear their own voice in it. THat is the most important thing for me to achieve as a writer.

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