March 20, 2018
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When will I be better
Where will you be when I am finally done being sad over you
What did I do to make you do this
Why can’t I just forget about you like you’ve forgotten about me
Who do you think you are to come into my life and ruin it
How am I capable of loving so much who doesn’t love me at all
I was thirteen
And you had the guts to break me so much
That I was going to end my life before I even lived it
It beyond amazes me
I’m sorry, but you’re a piece of s***
You don’t deserve me
And now thanks to you, I feel like I don’t deserve to live
You f***ed me up
And I hate you for that
Even if I do ever get over being angry, or we get back in touch
I will always hold onto that resentment, even if I don’t even want to
Because it makes me sick to think about what you did to me
And it makes me even more sick to think about how I felt on the Friday my life changed
It was November third

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