lessons learned in lower school

March 20, 2018
By nicole silvera BRONZE, Hollywood, Florida
nicole silvera BRONZE, Hollywood, Florida
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i could never figure out how to draw flowers when i was younger
flowers and rainbows
(and sometimes hearts too)
i wasn’t the most crafty kid
before advanced math was a thing, arts and crafts were considered public enemy number one
(i spent more time gluing my hands together than gluing the colorful pieces of construction paper placed in front of me by patient teachers with kind eyes)
i just couldn’t figure it out
i soon learned
(after lots of practice)
how to cut papers into a somewhat straight line
and how to choose which colored pencils matched the best with one another

i could never figure out how to dress myself when i was younger
i would pair floral jeans with graphic tees
(and i thought fedoras were cool... and wore them too)
i’d pair neon with plaid and wore patterns that clashed
i would find an article of clothing and become obsessed with it
(wearing it until it was worn out)
i walked around sporting dirtied sneakers with mismatched socks and untied laces
and while i have learned how to create an outfit that matches
i still can’t seem to tie my shoes.

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