March 19, 2018

One at one table,
One at another.

So close,
Yet a distance remained between the two.

One with black hair,
One with blonde.
Like dusk and dawn.
One with chocolatey brown eyes,
One with piercing blue.
Like the ocean’s water and the soil that lay beneath it.
One with a dark complexion,
One as pale as a phantom.
Like living and dead.

A bizarre couple the two would make;
Constantly contradicting the other.

One at one table,
One at the other.

The gap remains,
Yet strangely they seem closer than ever before.

They sit in opposite booths,
Taking time to glance at the other.
The longing between the two seemed so alluring,
Like figures in photography.

One at one side of a table,
One on the other side.

Conversing and making smalltalk,
Together at last.
A spark
Striking their hearts like lightning.

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