Every High Has a Come Down

March 19, 2018

One moment everything is just amazing,

She is smitten with life,

A rose garden is planted inside her mind,

The voices stay quite tending to the flowers

The scent calms her down

But then within a millisecond a storm is born

The storm tears apart the rose garden by its roots

An evil forest grows in its place

The voices start to change

Making spells to put her in a trance

Planting dark thoughts deep in her mind

Every minute becomes a blur,

They will become concerned

They don’t understand the woods

At first the sound of angered thunder and heavy rain upset her,

But somehow the rain became therapeutic, like the scent of roses once was 

She better be used to this,

Every high has a come down

And the soil her mind had grown to happens to be better for the big oaks

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