You Must Remember This

March 13, 2018
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You must remember this
You must remember
The feeling of your legs
Between the sheets
The look of your body
Pale and glowing in the
Mirror with nothing on

You must remember
Your earrings
Fake diamonds from an estate sale
Putting them in
You felt like Marilyn Monroe
You held the world
Your world, his world, her world
In your ruby red fingertips

You must remember this
The black lacy bra
You bought it with your
Babysitting money
Mom doesn't know
With the little red bows
On the smooth straps
Hidden in your sock drawer

You must remember
Feeling like a woman for the
Very first time
Picturing lips, hands awakening
Places you don't even know
Yourself, foreign tongues
Colliding with yours

You thought about sex
You must remember that
You want to deny it
But you're still wanting
We are young so were
You, loving the blood
In your underwear because
It was different

You must remember this
You must remember
Feeling special, feeling

You must remember this.

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