Only Darkness

March 2, 2018
By BloodyNightClaw SILVER, Owingsville, Kentucky
BloodyNightClaw SILVER, Owingsville, Kentucky
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They always ask me,

why I don't break pieces of myself off,

happiness to give to those dear to me.


They call me selfish,

because I offer nothing to them.



They don't know that I have almost nothing left.



Broken pieces of light, they are scarce within me,

I can feel them, but can I keep them? No.


So I dig,

deeper and deeper ito myself to find the light,

so they may leave me alone.


But I only enabe them,

"It's too dull,"

"It's too small."


So I dig deeper, in search of bigger and brighter lights,

I clear out more and more of my only light.


I become a dark void,

these thoughts swarm my head as I search for the lights,

but the only light I find is dull and muted,

they have to go. I have to dig more.


Hope becomes despair, I'm not who I was.

I can't heal anymore, but that's okay I can't feel it.


No one gives light to me, they have a greed to fill themselves,

I can no longer give, I'm not selfish like them, I have nothing left.

The author's comments:

This poem is sort of about that feeling of giving away your happiness, hurting yourself for others. The poem is also about feeling pressured to do so. The person in the poem just wants everyone to leave them alone and stop calling them selfish, they have very little light yet but they are hopeful that removing some of it will make people leave them alone. The complaints only get worse. The light isn't good enough for them. They become more desperate to get them off their back, they keep finding their light to give it away. They lose all of the light they have. From then on, everything is worse, complaints are worse, and they can't stop thinking, but they become numb. The person tells everyone their okay because they don't feel pain to avoid making matters worse. Everyone else is too selfish to help them, and only want to lift themselves higher.

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