Good Boy

March 2, 2018
By AinsleyTurnedAlex PLATINUM, San Diego, California
AinsleyTurnedAlex PLATINUM, San Diego, California
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He’s such a good boy
Playing with his monster truck toy
But everything changes when they leave the room
Blush on cheeks bloom
He goes to his mother’s closet, pulls out a dress
Only ten minutes, no more, no less
Pull it on, look in the mirror
The girl inside, he fears her
But when he wears it he feels so light
But they say it just isn’t right...
Rip it off, put it away
“Such a good boy.” That’s all they say.

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on Apr. 29 at 9:49 pm
WolfWhisperer0911 PLATINUM, Crosby, Texas
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@AinsleyTurnedAlex Wow, amazing poem! Keep up the good work!


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