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February 26, 2018
By MaddieCC BRONZE, Austin, Texas
MaddieCC BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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Am I a figment of your imagination 
One to twist my world around 
As I shake off  the courage of my morals 
Am I one to survive to tell the tale of the crazy world I endured 

Am I the one to manipulate and feel lost in isolation 
Am I the one to be blamed without research

Yet I am not the one to have my world torn apart due to others morals 
Yet I am not the one to feel lost when I'm found 

I am the one who grieved when others didn't  know 
I am the one who fought the future to keep the past
I am the one that others try to ruin 
But, If you break me I'll revive 

My spirit will never be broken 

Dare me I'll bet 

My lies will tell you truth 
For all, I know it could have a secret garden or monster.

Just know I found the summer of happiness  I was looking for a while ago and simmer in the
gentle rays it glimmers. And like a star, I will shine like a dream that came into existence

The author's comments:

This is about things in my mind that I had held in my mind for quite a while and now I have let it all out and feel renewed.

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