The rain

February 25, 2018
By lauren_pup BRONZE, Henderson, Nevada
lauren_pup BRONZE, Henderson, Nevada
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The rain is pouring
I can’t see in front of me
Everything is blurry
There is a terrible storm
The angels are crying
I am crying
Everyone is crying
The rain is pouring
It soaks everything
I am missing you
The world is so cold without you
I am in an eternal winter
You were my flowers, but the flowers wilted along with my heart
The rain is pouring
I am freezing
Will I die like this
Will someone reach out their hand and save me
Will you save me
The rain is pouring
I am tired now
I am growing colder and colder
Will I ever see the sun again
Will this season pass by
The rain is pouring
I am alone
You are alone
We are all alone
The rain is deafening
The rain is pouring

The author's comments:

I was inspired by spring day by bts and downpour by ioi and I wanted to write about a break up.

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