The sun

February 25, 2018
By lauren_pup BRONZE, Henderson, Nevada
lauren_pup BRONZE, Henderson, Nevada
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You are my sun
You brighten up my dark days
You are the blossoming flowers that brighten my winter
You are a dream
But the sun explodes every minute
Will you damage me with your explosions
Will your love break me
Will your pedals wilt, leaving nothing behind but memories
Will I wake up from the dream with no one beside me
You are my sun
Your smile is so bright
Your smile attracts others
Will you find someone better
Can I do better for you
You are my sun
Will you
Can you stay
Everytime I see you it's bittersweet
I feel the inevitable is coming like a storm
A storm with no hesitation
That will leave nothing but destruction
You’re destructing my brain,
I think all of these thoughts
But I don’t want you to
Please stay happy
Even if we are not together 
You are a bittersweet sun

The author's comments:

I was listening to butterfly by Bts with the lyrics and felt like I wanted to write about doubt.

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