I prefer love

February 24, 2018
By mthibault12 SILVER, Stratham, New Hampshire
mthibault12 SILVER, Stratham, New Hampshire
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I prefer love,
rather than hate.
I prefer cool rainy days, where all you have to do is cuddle up with a good book.
I prefer leaves falling rather than snow,
I prefer music.

I prefer flowers rather than towers.
I prefer the beach instead of the street.
I prefer happiness.
I prefer to laugh.
I prefer chairs sitting around a fire.
I prefer quiet.
I prefer children to be playing tag,
rather than wondering when they’ll eat their next meal.
I prefer the open air rather than crowded rooms,
I prefer the calm before the storm.
I prefer open bedroom windows.
I prefer summer days when your skin is tan and everyone's happy.
I prefer eyes watching instead of words hurting.
I prefer our country to be lead by acceptance instead of with guns.

I prefer kindness.
I prefer to surround myself with people who make me feel warm,
even on the cool rainy days.
I prefer the pages of old books who hold years of stories yet untold.
I prefer the sun shining.
I prefer to explore.
I prefer to find new corners of the Earth and make them my own.
I prefer to be early rather than late.
I prefer love,
rather than hate.

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