February 27, 2018
By Sarahmael8 GOLD, Germantown, Wisconsin
Sarahmael8 GOLD, Germantown, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
Focus on trying to remember moments
not so much what was happening but how you felt.

Music so loud

i can not tell the difference

between this moment

and reality

99 cent dreams feel like a fortune

when you are stuck like me


you will come out to meet me later in the evening

ill whisper Kiss me!

as you run away from me….


disrupted by what i think is honking

people feel so far away from me

You sing along

To the melody

Waving your hands

Through my misery


This is my reality

Constantly swerving through a dream

I need your contact to

Awaken me from this sleep

You can find my head

Up in the trees


You can have the window seat

But the view is never pleasing

The music never blocks out the reality

Of this constant dream

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