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February 21, 2018
By AHSWatuh BRONZE, Lisbon, Wisconsin
AHSWatuh BRONZE, Lisbon, Wisconsin
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I’m from the whitest place: Merton.
Living with a family who works together.
Having two parents who are like two peas in a pod,
a sister who I’m close with.
Friends who keep my every secret

Middle school is easy.
I spend my time with friends biking from one place to another.
Roaming school hallways and talking in class,
thinking we were above all,
While we say and do things before comprehending them.

Now in high school
School causes stress and I’m now not prepared.
Sports are stressful and cause pain.
Friends around me are commiting and I’m here waiting.
I focus on one thing and the other goes down.

Hopefully it will all pan out alright.
Hopefully I get into a nice college.
Hopefully I get the grades to make it to that.
Hopefully I meet the right girl.

Right now is stressful but that’s highschool.
It is here for showing us who we are and teaching us what’s wrong.
Everyone does some bad stuff in high school,
it shows us who we are and what we should do
Some people will try to lead you down the wrong path,
you have to ignore them

I’ve always been stuck in the middle,
I have friends who are good and the ones who haven’t made the right decisions.
It gives me perspective.
I know what kids do what and why they do it.
I know that the ones who haven’t chosen right are the ones with bad circumstances.
it’s all decided in middle school by who you hangout with.
I got fortunate to meet the friend I have through sports.

Sports define me and are why I do what I do,
I have met the people I care about during them,
I have made many memories,
I have learned to be respectful to others,
I have learned to be the one to help others around me.

I’m the C to B high school kid who plays sports and is constantly worrying about school,
I am the one who knows the differences in right and wrong,
I’m the kid who is just trying to get by to make it to a good future.

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