Ode to big brother

February 20, 2018
By burbankWarrior BRONZE, Sacramento, California
burbankWarrior BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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You have been there for me when I was in my mom’s stomach.

You held me when I was a baby and never wanted to let me go like roots do to the ground.

I look up to you like people do to cena.

I would always copy the good stuff you do but always learn from the bad.

you come and go because you stand up for what's right and the snakes would always lock you up behind bars like a wild animal.

The sound of your voice reminds me of the dream speech because when you talk it speaks to my soul loudly like a person speaking into a microphone.

Your laugh is funny as well your laugh reminds me of square pants and goofy at the same time.

When you are irritated you scratch your head like your head is itching.

Every time I get in trouble you would always look at me with your eyebrows going up like the rock.
You are a helping hand to victory when it comes to the sport I love.
You know and play the game like no other.
You glide in the air when you jump.
You sour threw the sky when you dunk like michael jordan.
You bring energy to the crowd when you come to my game.
You make me turn super saiyan when I hear your glowing voice.
For an example when we had a game against a rivalry school I remember your flashy words you told me before the big game.( HAVE HEART AND STAY HUMBLED ).
So big bro you are my stepping stone to greatness.I care for you stay humbled and chase your dreams big bro.

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