Looking Back and Forward

February 26, 2018
By rybread41 GOLD, Hubertus, Wisconsin
rybread41 GOLD, Hubertus, Wisconsin
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Accepting, amusing, admiring—
viewing my mother.
Boom, bang, buzz—
listening to the sounds that I heard in my slumber.
Clink, crash, clunk—
working noises from my father.
Don’t, do’s, done—
following the lessons to be respectful.
Endless, eternity, everlasting—
believing what happens before and after.
Faith, friends, and family—
loving in no important order.
Glory, galore, glamore—
desiring for the future.
Help, hope, healing—
recovering from a disorder.
Impress, ignite, invite—
making friends forever.
Joking, justifying, judging—
annoying old classroom teachers.
Kindness, kidding, kooky—
describing my humor.
Leading, loving, lending—
supporting my teammate partners.
Money, moving, mistakes—
struggling sophomore high schooler.
Naughty, negative, naive—
frustrating toddler.
Obese, oblivious, outgoing—
embarrassing my older sister.
Peaceful, protective, playful—
missing father figure.
Quiet, questionable, querulous—
perplexing past significant others.
Running, racing, reaching—
ring around the Rosey.
Serving, setting, spiking—
repeating in my future.
Tedious, tempted, trust breaking—
taking that sip of sweet bitter.
Unlikely, unable, unbelievable—
avoiding the inevitable.
Vulnerable, venerable, valuable—
looking up to the seniors.
Wishing, wonders, wow—
watching Disney even as a teenager.
Expressions, examples, exact—
learning mistake after another.
Yanking yellow yo-yos—
repeating this tongue twister.
Zoos, zippers, Zhu Zhu pets—
Amusing me when I was younger.

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