broken girl next door

February 22, 2018
By arryanasthename SILVER, Arlington, Texas
arryanasthename SILVER, Arlington, Texas
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the girl cries

and somehow they all understand


she was not tired

nor sad

for she cried purely

because it was all she had left to do

she wept on the floor

and everyone sat with sympathy

they knew she needed time

and wanted to be there

when she decided that she was done

then the girl stood

wiped her face and apologized


she lifts her chin and walks away

leaving everyone without a say

whispered worries fill the air

"how could someone so perfect

feel so bare"

"how could we have not seen this before"

"how do we fix the broken girl next door"

The author's comments:

a piece about the girl everyone knows and loves who finally falls apart.

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