February 22, 2018
By Azazel998 BRONZE, Canton, Illinois
Azazel998 BRONZE, Canton, Illinois
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Life is warm

Nourishing and ever changing
A mote of flame
Life  is strife, it is conflict
A constant struggle to push on

It worms through the ash
It pushes through to the  surface, to see the light
Life is an awe-inspiring phoenix,
Rising like a sapling in the ash.
Life is like a flame.
Which in inevitably burn out,
And die

Even still, life is an ugly lie
Yet with all of this, I’m mystified, and in stunned awe
                                        It is brief
And there lies its beauty
                                                       And it leaves me unfulfilled

The author's comments:

My goal with this poem is to hopefully share a piece of my own view, and to see what other meanings readers can draw from the words with their own interpretations. I wrote this poem to hopefully share that life is honestly what you make of it. It can be hard, challenging, and honestly heart-breaking. It can be beautiful, and yet you can still feel robbed. I feel it's all of these things, but it is how you view life, and how you hold its reins. 

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