Be a Hero

February 22, 2018
By ry49bat BRONZE, Canton, Illinois
ry49bat BRONZE, Canton, Illinois
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Have you ever wanted to be a hero?

It may not be obvious,
But in the glaring shadows
of the overhead light,

Surgeons scrub in
and don their sterile capes.

With time being the ultimate villain,
They must be as courageous as a superhero
to work quickly and save a life.

You may think that to be a hero,
you must have super strength,
or a magic hammer,
but a surgeon has x-ray vision and a scalpel.

When surgeons remove a cancerous tumor,
stop a dangerous bleed, or mend a bone,
They become heroes.

Their patients may not know it
while under anesthesia,

But the doctor holding
their precious life,
that’s as frail as thin glass,
Has just won the battle.

They live among us, yet
no one stops to think,
Surgeons are heroes.

The author's comments:

My inspiration for this piece is my dream to become a world-renowned surgeon. I thought about how they are the heroes of our lives and how they help people through their hardships. I hope that people will read this and be inspired to follow their dreams in medicine if that is what they choose. 

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