Where I'm From

February 26, 2018
By yeags50 SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
yeags50 SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
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I’m from the treestand twenty
feet above the ground, listening
for the slightest sound.
I’m from God’s greatest creation,
the calm, quiet, serene woods.
I’m from the pursuit of happiness
by waiting for what it seems to
be a lifetime just for one shot
to feel the joy of harvesting an animal.
I’m from trying to blend in
with my surroundings.
I’m from my legs quivering
when a twelve point approaches.
I’m from getting nervous and moving
too much, only to scare away
the biggest deer of my life.

I’m from the boat launch,
waiting to embark on journey.
I’m from battling five foot waves,
fearing for my life.
I’m from cooking fish on an island
and using a fillet knife.
I’m from hearing the sound of
my drag screaming, and pole
I’m from having a fish fry,
enjoying fish caught that day.

I’m from the top of Buffalo Peak,
touching the sky.
I’m from sore legs and tired body
just trying to get by.
I’m from breathing the thin, cool,
crisp mountain air.
I’m from my adrenaline pumping
when seeing a bull elk bugle.
I’m from slowly squeezing the trigger,
shooting high and feeling defeat.

I’m from early mornings, crawling
out of bed at four in the morning.
I’m from hearing the thunderous
gobble of turkeys without warning.
I’m from speaking another language
that only turkeys understand.
I’m from putting in hours of scouting,
deciding where to build a new stand.
I’m from slowly crawling on my stomach
just to get a shot.
I’m from providing Thanksgiving dinner
from the turkey the Lord blessed me with.

I put my faith In God knowing that
he will guide me in all my endeavours.
I know nothing comes easy,
but that is what makes life great.
I embrace the grind no matter how
much time it takes.
I am willing to learn new things by
making mistakes.
I cannot be dragged down no matter
how often life may try.
I keep my friends and family close,
but my relationship with God closer.
I have been blessed with
talents, passions, and characteristics.
I use what God gave me everyday
to help others and myself.

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