And Then You Left

February 26, 2018
By A.A.V. BRONZE, Waipahu, Hawaii
A.A.V. BRONZE, Waipahu, Hawaii
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Your arrival was a force of nature
Storms rolling over entire planets
Consuming them, changing them
The storm came too early
No one could have had time to prepare
But you didn’t care
And you came anyway
And then you left

The skies stopped crying and started weeping
The grounds stopped shaking
But trembled enough to crack
And break
And tear itself apart
The Earth flooded as the sky kept crying
The tears seeped into the craters you created
And flooded over
Destroying all that there ever was
Until there was nothing left
But the tear stains in the sky
And dark circles under my eyes
And no light to be found

Your arrival forced its way into the world
Putting every beautiful thing to shame

But then you left
And with you, went the beauty of the world

And so the skies stopped crying
And the Earth stopping breaking
But the whispered winds still carried
Until your last breath
When you finally left

1/25/18-2/6/18 A.I.M.W

The author's comments:

I recently lost my nephew after only being a few days old. I've found that writing helps.

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