February 25, 2018
By Anonymous

I gazed upward, watching my loved one swaying from left to right, whichever way the draft took him.

I stared in awe, realizing that the mouth that had so often told me "I love you" would never draw another breath.

I did not cry, no it would not be fair to rob him of the moment, to shed a tear would be to kill him myself.

I blame him for nothing, his pain was too great for me to fathom, I blame only those around him, myself mainly, why could I not have helped?

Recently, I gazed upward, and saw him again. Although, this time, he was a part of the stars, painted against the dark canvas of the night sky, now forever a part of the sky, too great for this world.

The author's comments:

A piece concerning the death of my Grandfather, the greatest man I ever knew, or will know. Too many people suffer from mental illness, and too often do we blame them for problems that they took no part in. I love you grandpa.

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