To My Little Sisters Future Boyfriend..

February 21, 2018
By SamiMarie BRONZE, Temperance, Michigan
SamiMarie BRONZE, Temperance, Michigan
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To my little sisters future boyfriend
I have taught her that no one should be little her
I have showed her true love
Don't give her anything less than that

To my little sisters future boyfriend
She is creative
She is sensitive , so be kind to her
She will consistently tell you she loves you, say it back every time she really means it

To my little sisters future boyfriend
Don't be intimidated by us, her family
Treat her as though she is a Princess
And we will get along

To My little sister future boyfriend
She deserves the best
So don't be anything less

If one day she loses that spark in her eye
It will be you I confront
And you will no longer by my little sisters boyfriend.

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