I Am Who I Say I Am

February 21, 2018
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My life is

Living my life is scary but
Amazing at the same time.
“How can that be?”

My mom is awesome,
My siblings are awesome,
My dad and step-mom are

Its the cleanest way to describe
They don’t beat me, I stated
That in “Wishing for a Parents Love,”
But they say things that hurt.

I'm a bad kid.

I’m a depressed kid.

I live in my head.

I’m a scary person.

I’m troubled.

My step-mom says this
And truly believes it.
I don’t object aloud,
Cause it will only cause another

She wishes she could see into
My mind, but
I promise you, you don’t it’s
a jumbled, f***ed-up mess.

I’m NOT a bad kid;
I’ve only made bad decisions

I’m NOT a depressed kid;
My past is the only thing depressing.

I DON’T live in my head;
I only spend a lot of time there.

I’m NOT a scary person;
I was only enraged.

I’m NOT troubled;
I’m only trying to attract your attention.

I’m NOT who or what you say I am, I am who
I say I am.

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