The Changing Seasons

February 11, 2018
By MaeveDonovan BRONZE, Exeter, New Hampshire
MaeveDonovan BRONZE, Exeter, New Hampshire
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The changing seasons tell the story of love and hate.
Some show the beauty from beneath the surface, the happy enjoyable moments pieced together with a needle and thread.
While others show the sorrow and sadness, the mask that is put on on over life hiding the truth behind fake smiles and nervous laughter.
Each season reflects upon the true meaning of individual dependence or distrust of one’s true personality.

In the summer the birds sing.
Joy fills the air as joy fills everyone’s heart.
The air is warm, the breeze just right.
In the summer work and stress are set aside, leaving only the carefree personality of children and friends dancing through each blossoming night.

In the fall the warm breeze continues on.
Work and family is set in stone as the leaves cover up the stone path leading to a new future.
People look up at the stars and imagine their biggest dreams becoming a reality.
In the Fall, the temperatures go up and down along with the rising and setting sun.

In the Winter a brisk mask is put on over the world.
Layers of clothing are worn to protect those in need of protection.
People begin to hide their lies behind the tall banks of snow.
In the Winter the stress from life is balled up into a snowball and tossed across the street.

In the Spring the boots of children make imprints in the mud.
Roses and daisies are handed to those showing compassion for others.
Debris is traced across the land as the birds begin to trace across the sky.
In the spring the flowers bloom as many people blossom into their better self.

The changing seasons correspond with the actions and feelings of many.
Each season sheds light on the fact that while the weather may always continue to change, the path that is chosen to follow will be the true factor in deciding between love and hate.

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