A Pencil to a Computer

February 11, 2018
By Soccer.player3 BRONZE, East Kingston, NH, New Hampshire
Soccer.player3 BRONZE, East Kingston, NH, New Hampshire
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I was never one for the advanced life,
All these new items whipping past me, but I stayed the same.

Then I saw you resting on that desk,
So elegant, so beautiful, so real.

You would illuminate like a thousand little stars,
flickering in and out of existence.

Your refinement would pull me in,
You sharpened my appearance.

I was told you were too young for me
That I would always look old next you.

But love has no age, love has no limit,
You understand me, you understand the world.

With your pool of knowledge I just want to dive in,
Let the facts skim over my yellow dress and green cap.

I will love you forever.

A new model comes out.

The author's comments:

This piece is meant to be humorus, all of us dream of finding the love of our lives. I wanted to help express what it might be like for objects to find love.

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