Age is Just a Number

February 11, 2018
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They told me I was too young.
Too young to understand,
too young to know,
too young to watch,
too young to play,
too young to do it the right way.
All these things they thought I could not do because I lacked the maturity, the knowledge of what they did.

They told me I was too old.
Too old to ride,
too old to play,
too old to watch.
All these things they thought I could not do because I had more maturity and the knowledge to know what was done.

So when am I not.
Not too young, not too old.
When can I be just right in the middle,
at a happy medium of all things around me.
Then can I be simply me?
Not me with rules,
not me with regulations,
or ages, or sizes, or abilities.
Where age is just a number, not a way to categorize,
through the eyes of what we should,
or should not be doing because of it.

When is the age where we can be free?
Proving that we can not be defined by others.
That our actions are what make us different,
our words are what show our true colors.
Not a meaningless number.
The biggest pleasure in life,
is doing the things no one else thought you could.

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