February 10, 2018
By ZayMatthews BRONZE, Washington, District Of Columbia
ZayMatthews BRONZE, Washington, District Of Columbia
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Favorite Quote:
How can you tell me what I can and cannot do, when you haven't poured a single thing into me.

They told me stay down and you gone recieve your blessings driving fast living reckless

take it to the grave won't get my confession

I couldn't care less about the brigdes I burned

comparing to the all the lessons I learned

Dark and dangerous road to the money takin the risk

As long as I'm able to put Rollie's on my love ones wrist

Stay lowkey perfecting my craft, not posted up in bliss

Feel like J colein my own lane

Couldn't care less about the fame

Watch who in your cirlce they all promise to stay the same

but when the money come suprisingly they change

looking at how far I came, Still got plenty more to climb

I don't care if she a dime

I want to know what's in her mind

If you can't help me reach my goal you a waste of time

you can't expect to shine if you don't put time in your grind

Want to be a thug but dropping dimes

I will never understand, that type of stuff blows my mind

I stand by my lonely

Stand on my own two

Cut you off like i never knew you

If i want it I'm a get it

I'm trying fill my pockets with lettuce

If i helped you give me my credit

I'm tired of being unrecognized

Take of the mask I see through your disguise

I'm trying be the greatest alive

In that jungle can you survive

Bringing the pressure I'm not letting you slide

Get out my car if you not going to ride

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