Untitled Emotions

February 10, 2018
By caylah8 BRONZE, Rochester, New York
caylah8 BRONZE, Rochester, New York
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I see your eyes what lies beneath them are greater than white lies. Your insults bury me inside hit me like a dagger of truth that simply doesn’t subside “ohhhh I’ll never find someone better than her” it hits me in the feels that I don’t have but no matter how hard I try it seems to backlash… what the hell so what am I? I’m standing in front of you but hey what good do I do? OH yeah nothing like I never stick by your side, No text back? No reply? So, your telling me that all that I’ve done was the hugest waste of my time?
In today’s world, a girl, a girl can’t beg, barder or cry, she’ll seem like a damsel in distress in everyone’s eyes, it doesn’t matter if guys creep, or take a peek under the sheets while she’s asleep… girls are “never good enough” simply because there’s always someone better, someone more worthy than those who have stuck by your side I on behalf of all girls can’t withstand these confused lies that you guys utter hoolllyyyy crap just make up your mind we’re taught to always have this guard up to protect our hearts but for you I let that down but now I have people laughing at me like a kid seeing Mickey Mouse on the playground but with you I figured my secrets were safe that we could have each other but guess that was a lie since switching up is what you guys do when someone new walks in your life
I slither my way out of bed, so these stereotypes don’t eat me alive, I have to fake the most profound smile so one doesn’t show how they’re broken inside, trying to hide, to escape from the truth that’s been revealed, trying to face the living hell my parents have built, but you adding your unintended insults simply doesn’t help, I can’t ever get the hell out my head my conscious calls for attention at the crack of dawn holy crap now I can’t go back to bed, hey um Cays not home right now leave a message after the beep, when in reality I’m the one stressing myself o33ut, I’m crying myself to sleep

Thinking about how I’m a waste of space, how I unintentionally eff everything up, how I know bottling everything inside isn’t good, but I do it anyway, how girls are treated like nothing because there’s always someone who we know we will never be but you being a blinded dumba** is to blind to see, that the girl you need is me...

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