City Lights MAG

February 9, 2018
By Dhiman BRONZE, Doha, Other
Dhiman BRONZE, Doha, Other
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City lights kiss my broken skin,
cracking along the cracked and jagged lines of my mouth
seeking refuge, through the gaps of my teeth
and shattering the words,
stuck on my tongue
‘Cause magic doesn’t exist no more,
and no longer does the sun, the sun
which stole furtive glances and danced
along my brown skin
to songs unheard by human ears,
songs that no longer play no more
the black-black darkness
is now just a myth,
as city lights seep into every
tiny crevice of my being, coursing
through my veins, to my soul
harsh and demanding,
drowning out even the soft glow of the stars
that had moved the Heavens and the Earth
and Hell is now nothing but
mere conversation
for the sun, is now no more
and the city lights hum
with silent pleasure.

The author's comments:

We live in a world where we can no longer see the stars, where we can never be in total darkness, where we no longer appreciate the simple joys of life. The fact that me, a sixteen year old is worried about our future, says a lot.

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