February 8, 2018
By aipat.aivilo SILVER, Morgan Hill, California
aipat.aivilo SILVER, Morgan Hill, California
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Other people’s feet is a view I tend to get used to.
Whether I am just looking down or afraid to look someone in the eye.
I find myself spaced out from this world,
And zoomed into my confusing thoughts.
People say you need to use your eyes and ears to fully pay attention,
But I stand in the middle, noticing and realizing more than you believe.
Even when I am “fully paying attention”,
I do not feel like I am.
There is no way to focus when you are imprisoned,
And there is no way to escape because your mind is the fugitive.
Your thoughts banging on the bars trying to break free,
But they are unsuccessful.
They do not quit,
Continuing to try to escape.
They haven’t found any connections on the outside,
Except for they seem to click with this piece of paper.
Using it to display their message.
It seems nobody can read it clearly.

The author's comments:

If I believe something is important and it will not leave my mind then I find a pen and piece of paper to display it on. This was one of those things. 

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