February 8, 2018
By Anonymous

There are no limits to happiness.
Happiness is not limited to,
the feeling of waking up next to her,
the smell of freshly baked cookies,
the way hair looks after it is brushed,
the look of her face as she smiles at you,
the color of your child’s eyes,
the feeling of listening to a good song,
the shoes she wears when she dances,
the feeling of reading a book over again,
the sweater she wears when she hugs you,
the feeling of wearing new clothes,
the perfume she wears when she kisses you,
the nail polish she has on when she holds your hair,
the way her hair is up as she vomits,
the way she doesn’t laugh anymore,
the way she seems to avoid all questions,
the way she doesn’t eat anymore,
the way she looks after she’s lost forty pounds,
the feeling of her bones under your fingertips,
the look of the back of her teeth as she wails,
the way the nail polish on her fingers are chipped as she digs them into your arm,
the way she gasps when she gets up,
the way she silently shakes at night,
the way she pushes your arms away,
the way she pulls her hair out,
the feeling you get when you see red on her wrists,
and the way you feel when she’s six feet under the stars.
But the real question is:
when did your happiness end,
and where did it begin?

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