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World war who?

February 17, 2018
By Brittney Putman BRONZE, Hope Mills, North Carolina
Brittney Putman BRONZE, Hope Mills, North Carolina
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1941 our year of suffer
my mother and father
my brother and sister
taken away by a knock at the door
shrieks of terror of families no more

soldiers begin hailing a leader coming through
a face like death as he speaks to his crew
I come off the train, dead people I see
as the gun shots go off many try to flee

beaten and bruised all except me
I made it through, I believe I'm okay.
however this gas like substance starts to spray!
clap, clap, clap bodies hit the floor
as people's old souls are now no more
the air gets thicker, It's getting harder to breathe
dizzy, shaking, fallen on my knees
Just a little girl with a life to live
but the war took me.


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