Pain Creates Beauty?

February 17, 2018
By rowanspeaceofmind BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
rowanspeaceofmind BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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Why is it that the most beautiful creations are inspired by pain?
Is it because pain brings beauty?
But then, why must we suffer to create lovely things?
Why do I have to feel like my flesh is ripping off my bones to come up with masterpieces?
Why do I have to break my own body apart to inspire?
When is it enough for me to stop?
I’ll just have to digest it well, let it take over my insides
Let the pain linger, rest my body and let it spark a fire in me
Let me be a masochist, let me enjoy it while it lasts as my shimmering pen is put to golden paper
I’m hungry for more, I need more scars, I need more pain to ignite this fire inside
I want art to spill out of my body
If it leaves me dead, I’ll be an inspiration
The masses will be stood at my grave in awe
“How did this beautiful artist burn themselves down?”
Darling, I had to burn myself down to become a beautiful artist

The author's comments:

What inspired me to write this was the fact that I've noticed many of mine, and other artists best work are about pain they've went through or are going through and hard times they've overcome. And it made me wonder why that is, and I wanted to get others thinking about that as well. 

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