Loving Arms

February 17, 2018
By Giselle12 BRONZE, Alexandria, Minnesota
Giselle12 BRONZE, Alexandria, Minnesota
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The picture shows four people
All of different sizes and giving cheesy grins
They have their arms around each other as if their relationship is close

One boy holds binoculars in his hand for sightseeing on the mountains behind him
The boy is tough, he has hard, dirty hands and a strong body
Another boy wears a red sweatshirt and old, rugged jeans
He has one hand around his older sister and one hand in his pocket
The shorter girl wears two pigtails and a hammy down jacket given to her by her big sister
The girl holds a little toy camera used to take pictures of wildlife
The last girl stands in the middle of everyone, holding up everyone’s spirit
The girl is tall and wears loose clothing while giving a fake smile
All love each other deep down, if it shows or not

All try to smile fast because their Dad has already started to hike up a hill
Mom tells her husband that he’s not helping as she snaps pictures
Mark and Rachel are these kids’ parents
The kids are Kyle, Kate, Tyler, and Giselle
Both parents have jobs that allow the family to go on the trip to Medora National Park

The Siblings legs fill with energy
At any second the picture will be done and the kids will sprint up the hill
The scenery around the picture is amazing
Mountains, plants, buffalo, wild horses, deer, and much more wildlife surround the kids in the national park

Eventually the picture is done and the smiling faces stuck in the photo end
The kids race to the top of the hill
Then the Real smiles appear on their faces

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