part i: hurting

February 16, 2018
By benndelisle GOLD, Morrisonville, New York
benndelisle GOLD, Morrisonville, New York
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like steaming tea,
my blood is boiling,
with the outrage of my unforgiving hug,
the words i lie,
to save you from harm,
to only swim in a pool of pain,
the one i saved you from,
the one you put me in,
the one my red blood will absorb,
until i am no longer me,
and the pool is no longer it,
we are one,
anger, fury and pain,
only to protect you,
from yourself,
the you that killed me,
the you that took my veins,
and made them a whip,
a whip you thrashed into me,
until my uncontained blood ran,
away from my body,
away from the hell you made it suffer,
away from me,
i am hell,
i am the hell i have to suffer,
because you were scared,
of yourself,
i was made to be,
scared of myself,
until everybody is scared,
because you’re selfish,
and like the tick within my side,
you suck the blood from my face,
and make me pale,
with the fear,
that i have for myself,
from the dear sender that is you,
so thank you,
but return to sender,
because i don’t want it,
but it's mine,
take it,
take me,
if i can’t be free,
literally take my soul from me,
it would be less painful,
than what you force me to do,
so free me,
take me,
eat me,
kill me,
bleed me,

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