A soothing sound appears

February 15, 2018
By Swifta5thunder BRONZE, Port Richey, Florida
Swifta5thunder BRONZE, Port Richey, Florida
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A soothing sound appears,

It comes in the room booming,

Flowing through everything around,

Lightening the mood,

Clearing the mind.


A soothing sound appears,

A rejuvenating sound,

One that gets the blood pumping,

And the body moving.


A soothing sound appears,

Because of you, the musician.

You who uses your skill to make art,

To make people feel,

Feel an emotion conveyed,

Whether that be good, bad, sad, or happy.


A soothing sound appears,

That oh so lovely sound, 

But that sound eventually ends,

But will ring for an eternity,

With new sounds everyday.

Thank you for the music,

The music that has changed lives and the world forever.

We thank you all.

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