February 13, 2018
By GrayWolf831 BRONZE, Tool, Texas
GrayWolf831 BRONZE, Tool, Texas
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From the moment he was in this world i knew he was important to me.

9 days feels like years when you cant see him.

Cant see him, can't touch him, cant say he is mine, i don't know if he is, don't know how to find him. It feels like he can hear my music, hear my passion for him but he's hundreds of miles away and barely knows this world. How cruel it is how it's pushed me to the ground and i picked myself up.Try and push back but nothing happens how its killed my passion but now everything is for him how collage is a must for me to help him. He lives somewhere i wish i knew where so i can at least see him.
It has been 16 days it's harder to sleep at night knowing you could vary likely be waiting for me. Johna come home. I'm waiting for you getting my life in check for you. Life has gotten a little easier knowing you are ok but its still hard. I keep you on my hand to count the days you are not with me.

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It's just somethng i put together. 

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