The ship of depression

February 13, 2018

In the morning I’m always mourning for the one person I miss the most. I’ve lost sleep during the night,

I was crying and now my eyes are puffy unable to see things that i want to see. I feel melancholy and I don’t know why,

I feel like i have no love to give. I feel sunken in a ship where no-one can get to me because I’ve sailed so far away.

My chest starts to hurt my lungs collapsed of  air my heart has turned to stone and no-one can get me out of this deep s***.

I can’t breathe, there’s no air around me, I try to scream but water is filling my mouth, I’m drowning and people are laughing, and people are laughing.

  Tears are rolling down my cheek I am quiet now cause I know where I am. I turn around and see my dad. My depression is lifted.

I don’t feel melancholy anymore because i know where I am. Everything is back the way it was and I hug my dad again. I wake up and start all over again.

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