February 15, 2018
By kampas.kyla BRONZE, Monroe, Wisconsin
kampas.kyla BRONZE, Monroe, Wisconsin
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The emotionless darkness stands upon us all
Lurking around us, squeezing our very souls out
It comes in many horrific forms
Weakening, it tears us apart
Ripping out our hearts
And my skull pounded and pounded
Having heard the ringing bells of death
I can smell the earth as if it’s wiped clean
The smell of death in the air
The murkiness approaching us
The clock ticks violently
Tears fall down like the river
Streaming down our faces
Words, sharp as a knife
Cutting us, and mistakenly we cut back
The night sky full of the moon
But the moon will not shine tonight
Alone in the pitch black
Surrounded by the haunting forrest
The cruel shadows will arrive
And so the cycle continues, stabbing us once more.

The author's comments:

What inspired me to write this poem was knowing how people treat one another during hard times.

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