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February 15, 2018
By Elicia.W28 PLATINUM, Spartanburg, South Carolina
Elicia.W28 PLATINUM, Spartanburg, South Carolina
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February 14th, a day of love

Unconditional and forever

A day some remember

A day some will fear


A school of peace, celebrations and cheer

The others filled with horror and fear.

Others giving hugs and exchanging gifts

While that one place remembered the names of loved ones they'll miss.


The unexpected events, taking inniocent lives

Parents embracing their own children as they cried

Parents, teachers, lovers and friends

The 17 deaths, staff and students that wouldn't be seen again.


High school might be dreadful, but it shouldn't be feared

The 18th shooting in the 2018 year.

Loving one another, it's not hard to do

RIP to the lives that were taken in the shoot.

                                  Pray For Parkland

The author's comments:

After having a discussion about the events that happened yesturday afternoon in FL I wanted to sort of express and write about how while in other schools it was the 'happy,loving' "what did I get" valentines day but in FL at that school it was the love involving holding your close ones close, praying and hoping to be able to go home safe and sound, a 'Valentines day" that they wouldn't forget physically and mentally.

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