Standardized Tests

February 7, 2018
By Anonymous

Hey what did you get on that test? A 94? Cool.
What did I get? A 63.
You didn’t study at all? Yeah me neither. See ya later.

I studied all night. I studied every night. Scores may
vary, but the message is the same: These standardized
tests don’t measure my intellect. It’s like I’m going
insane. I have strengths, like talking to crowds, but
ask me to fill in a multiple choice test and I can see
sounds. I enter an alternative reality where everyone’s
better than me. And walls are closing in, and pencils
are writing, someone has a question, but they’re twenty
questions ahead of me. Why am I so stupid? I ask. Then
a bell rings, too much time has past. Frantically fill
fifty bubbles, turn in my shame. I didn’t finish! I
didn’t realize! I have many excuses, but nothing really
applies. So I take a failing grade, again, be sad, get
over it, pretend I’m happy for friends who passed the
stupid test. Standardized tests can’t measure intellect
So why does some piece of paper dictate my life and
education? Sure, I didn’t fill in a stupid bubble
correctly, but what place does a bubble have judging
me? I have so much more to offer than a bubble. I am
smart too! I can write a great speech, I know things a
bubble can’t teach, because a bubble is a fraction of
knowledge. I am brilliant, creative, bold, and I know
No standardized test could ever measure my intellect.

The author's comments:

I wanted to emphasize, with my poem, that students have so much more to offer than what a test score can show as well as the frustration and anxiety many students experience with the United States testing system. Students are subjected to so much stress in when it comes to test scores.

When trying to decide on a poetry topic, I saw a video on Facebook that said “you can not ask a fish to climb a tree”, and you can't expect to fit all students, and the wonderful things they have to offer, into a standardized test. I truly hope that one day the testing system in the United States can be reformed, because students have much more to offer than a score on a test.

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