For Now

February 6, 2018
By FieryPhoenix909 SILVER, Herndon, Virginia
FieryPhoenix909 SILVER, Herndon, Virginia
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Cautiously, it approaches
Eyes narrowed, muscles tensed
At the ready, poised to strike
Searching deep inside your soul
For the right moment
That one small sliver of doubt
The slightest hint of fear
The most minute feeling of hate
And off it goes
Pouncing viciously and with no mercy
Sparing nothing in its path
It feeds hungrily, desperate for more
Clawing and biting away at your insides
Determined to break free
And unleash its wrath upon all
It's hard to fight back such a powerful force
But you do it anyways
And it takes all that you have left with it
It is forced to recede back into
The shrouds of darkness and despair from which it was born

For now

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