Preach To Me

February 6, 2018
By deanib123 BRONZE, Valle Vista, California
deanib123 BRONZE, Valle Vista, California
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Preach to me


I know you've got bible verses engraved

in your lips

words slipping from your tongue

like raindrops on glass

hands slipping from a strong grasp


A moment of perceivable fear

and you gasp

don't worry

there's someone to break the fall


Maybe there's pleasure in knowing

nothing at all

free falling

so blinding you can't even see

that someone's there



No watches on their wrists

they've got good times in the

embodiment of holiness which is them

the seemingly perfect

one without sin


And you cut them like weeds

with intentions to lessen the infestation

just for a flower

white and delicate


No amount of caution can stop this


I will fall

and when I fall

I will fall into grace

into arms that do not know hate

I will look into a face that knows

the miracles of faith


So preach to me

preach to me


Cuz' I know you've got bible verses

engraved in your lips

forgiveness written over my sins


Transparent hope rushing to my fingertips

trying to savor and cherish this



What is this?


I don't know 

and I don't want to


Because even though existence is pain

we remain existing

and that counts for something

something like the right words slipping

to heal

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