February 5, 2018
By tiffanyrebello PLATINUM, Attleboro, Massachusetts
tiffanyrebello PLATINUM, Attleboro, Massachusetts
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I am one of a kind; I bring something different to the floor - (Myself)

?one day

?you walked out

?of my life,

?without saying a word

?to your needy client,

?a girl,

?who at once you cared

?who at once you

?swore the pledge you

?would show support (no matter what!)

?who you left behind

?in the blink of an eye

?to defend herself

?against monsters

?who were out to get her

?as she roamed alone

?who suffered from several types of abuse

?because you left her,

?no thoughts of this young girl

?she was left with nah-dah

?as a doctor

?who much rather work comfortably

?than see that this young girl

?needed help

?she looked up to you

?as a mother

?and you failed her

?so badly,

?in her nightmare

?of her family and others

?who too

?helped to a limit

?with words and actions

?but also covered her

?black and blue

?who saw nothing

?of this girl,

?who rather do other things

?than to think

?of this lonely girl

?you left behind,

?now several weeks

?since you left me

?i'm a haunted young girl

?who'd rather die

?than face the people who left me behind

The author's comments:

don't have pity on me. life happens. sometimes its a question of "should you just kill yourself, rather than live alone?" the answer 'dont give up on life.'

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