One Moment

January 25, 2018
By KatyaBlack SILVER, Dennison, Minnesota
KatyaBlack SILVER, Dennison, Minnesota
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One moment, everything changed,

One moment, lives rearranged;
One moment, hearts broken,
One moment, no words spoken.

A man’s hate,
Another man’s fate;
A woman’s fears,
Another one’s tears.

They came for a show,
And were seen down below;
By a man with a grudge,
Who came to judge.

Mandalay Bay,
Was where his head lay;
Was  he insane or pure evil,
To cause such upheaval.

Lives lost,
A tremendous cost;
What’s the sense,
There is no defense.

One moment, spirits broke,
One moment, heros woke;
One moment, lives shaken,
One moment, innocence taken.

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