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January 30, 2018
By Atomic_Flippy BRONZE, Mukwonago, Wisconsin
Atomic_Flippy BRONZE, Mukwonago, Wisconsin
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 A boy born to nobles.

Ordinary to him.
Royalty to others.
To outsiders looking in,
With anger in their eyes.

These watchers are jealous.
Through corruption they rise.
They climb to your level.
If they had enough money,
You were equals.

But equal was not enough.
They wanted power.
So they tried to take it.
From the royals, from the king,
From the kingdom.

They failed.
Your father stopped them,
But lost his life in doing so.
Your mother passes in grief,
Leaving you spinning.

You have a brother.
A tactician, a businessman.
Your opposite,
But your best friend.
And the king in your absence.

Embarked on a journey,
Listening to a fortune,
An oracle with hope.
Obsession and addiction,
For an answer to your struggle.

On a journey of discovery.
With peril all around.
In many shapes and sizes.
Monsters and thieves,
Will not break your resolve.

Arriving in a new city,
A center of happiness and trade.
You begin your search for answers.
Some are willing to help,
But others run in fear.

In fear of the unknown,
Without a chance to learn.
These obstacles hinder your quest,
But you must go on,
And find the help you need.

Town after town,
Kingdom after kingdom,
None can offer help.
Fear sweeps over you,
Of the price of failure.

When finally in a crowd,
You meet a wanderer,
Who offers their help.
Selflessly in exchange for nothing,
Only a traveling companion.

Together you venture,
Still in search of answers.
The road remains hard,
But the burden is lessened,
Made easier by one another.

With newfound resilience,
The adventure continues.
Towards the goal.
Towards answers.
Towards the end.

The stranger you’ve met,
Stays quiet at first,
In fear of you like the rest.
Then over time they show,
It was not fear, but hope.

As you had closed yourself,
Similarly had they.
To stay safe in the world.
And overtime, in safety,
More is revealed to you.

You learn of them,
They learn of you,
Both concepts unknown before.
In time you adapt,
As was necessary to live.

Then in battle,
Disaster strikes.
Postponed for eternity,
And takes your friend,
An arrow lodged in flesh.

Indecision struck true,
Paralyzed not by magic,
But by yourself in shock.
More projectiles fly,
And ends you quest forever.

The author's comments:

I was planning a Dungeons and Dragons campaing with my friend and while we were planning I was thinking about how I could make the story into a poem.

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