January 29, 2018
By Lucas1717 BRONZE, Monticello, Illinois
Lucas1717 BRONZE, Monticello, Illinois
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Walking home from school
Not seeing my mom
Wondering where she is
Nowhere to be found
Can't see him anywhere
Parents gone
Waiting for my parents to come home
Like a dog waiting for his owner
I didn't know what was happening (Cancer)
I was only a little boy (Cancer)
Wonder where they went off too (Cancer)
Grandma knocking on my door
Telling me it's time to go
Getting in the car
My sister there to
Staying at my grandmas house
Because mommy and daddy are gone
Still waiting for my parents to show up
Like a kid waiting for the rain to leave
Grandma takes us somewhere
The hospital
Asking for my parents
Nurse leading the way
Getting really nervous
Because this is where the sick goes
Seeing mom laying in a bed
Dad next to her praying
Wanting to run to them but can't get close
Realizing what it is
My mom had
Cancer going through her body
Cancer causing pain in her chest
Cancer making this family closer
Mom laying in bed sleeping
Bandana on because of the medicine
Only seeing her once
Till she got home
But when she got home
She was all better
She was the next
Cancer Survivor

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