Dirofilaria immitis MAG

February 2, 2018
By MachineInTheWalls BRONZE, Fort Lee, New Jersey
MachineInTheWalls BRONZE, Fort Lee, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
I walk around like everything is fine, but deep down, my sock is sliding off.

Escaping the jackals’ den
Yet again
Quiet, quiet as I can.

Alarms blare like cherry bombs
Exploding a
Violent, violent song.

Veins begin to scar
The heart
Going, going, gone.

And still, I crawl
With gall
Slowly, slowly mauled.

The author's comments:

I wrote this poem to vent about my negative experiences and anxiety at school. Because my school's mascot is a wolf, I used the heartworm (hence the poem's title, Dirofilaria immitis) as a metaphor to describe myself/my struggles. The jackal, being an animal that relies heavily on cooperative hunting, represents "the crowd" or the majority. I strive for independence and prefer more solitary activities, hence "escaping". The stanza about alarms alludes to loud noises (which make me very anxious) and bullying. The third stanza is perhaps the one that relates the most to this poem's title, describing a heart that is "breaking" in a more medical and visceral manner, while the final one states that I am determined to get through this and emerge as a better person.

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