I am From

January 31, 2018

I am from a family
      Who suffers
    From depression
    Bipolar disorder.

     I am from a father
   Who is, and
A drug addict.
                                         He took me
On drug runs
  When I was little

                                       I am from a home
   Filled with people
   Who like to write
  On their skin and
    Tie knots in ropes.
   I am from my mom,
Who suffers from anxiety and depression.
    She writes on her skin
                                       With razor blades -
Plays in traffic
And practices tying knots.

I am from a time, a place,
Where you can trust no one.
Your only therapist
  Is music

I am from a family

Of whom I can not talk
My pets
Calm me.

I am from parents
Just teenagers at my birth
No games
No toys
No money.
My older sister
And I
Would stay outside.

I am a person
who has few activities
and hobbies
I am a person shy
Suffering from depression
I drew on my skin
I am a person
Facing problems
Saying, “You don’t control me.”

Now I am from
A mother who
Is trying her best
To recover
Who wakes up
In the morning
On the weekend
To cook breakfast.
Who smells like French perfume
I am from
A survivor

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MLRev said...
today at 3:59 pm
YOU are a survivor. You are such an amazing and brave person to be willing to put it all out there. In my experience, there are not many teenagers that are able to be this introspective and self-aware. Remember our past does not define us. It is up to you to become whoever ypu wish to be. Your teacher is correct. You need to share your poetry with the world.
malearemele replied...
today at 4:55 pm
@MLRev thank you I posted two other things on here if you would like to read them.
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